No one enjoys being sick, especially when cold season comes around. The constant stuffiness, grogginess, and sleepiness can make it hard to be productive or concentrate on work.

That’s why we’re here with different tips to help you find relief from your cold symptoms. Or, if you’re still not sure if your symptoms are from a cold or allergies, you can also read our post about combating fall allergies.  

At Healthstar Physicians Family Medicine in Newport, all of our providers are doctors of osteopathy. This means that they take a whole-body approach to healthcare along with an emphasis on preventing disease. Schedule an appointment with our family practice whether your cold symptoms are not going away or you’re looking for a new provider.


At the first signs of a cold you might be ready to schedule an appointment with your provider. But there are certain things you can do at home to help your body fight the cold and give you some relief. Read through our reasons, but if your symptoms continue increasing in severity or don’t go away after a week or more, schedule an appointment at our family practice.

Stay Hydrated

Whether you’re sick or not, staying hydrated is a great way to keep your body strong and healthy. If you’re sick, it might be hard to eat your regular meals. But you want to make sure you’re getting enough fluids. Beyond water, juice and warm lemon water with honey can also help loosen congestion, prevent dehydration, and give you Vitamin C to help fight your cold.

Things to avoid: Coffee, carbonated sodas, and coffee

Find Decongestants

A stuffy nose is never fun, but there are ways you can relieve the stuffiness. Look for over-the-counter saline nasal drops or spray to help break up any mucus. Otherwise, you can look for other medicines that will further help combat that mucus that is building up.

Try Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen

If you have a fever, headache, aching joints, earache, or other symptoms commonly associated with a cold, you can take some acetaminophen and ibuprofen. These painkillers can help give you a little relief while your body works on fighting the cold. Just make sure you follow the dosage listed on the bottle.

If the acetaminophen or ibuprofen doesn’t impact your pain, you can always give your provider a call to check the dosage or get other dosage suggestions.  

Cough Medications

There are also some over-the-counter cough medications that can help treat fevers and provide symptom relief. Just make sure you’re not overlapping medications. Always check with a provider before combining medications.

Sip Warm Liquids

Warm liquids, like tea or warm lemon water, is a great way to relieve a sore throat. You can also try throat lozenges.

Add Moisture into the Air

Try plugging in a cool-mist vaporizer or humidifier to add some moisture to your room. This will help loosen up congestion and provide you with some relief.


Colds are extremely common during the fall and winter. We hope that some of these tips will help you find some. But if your symptoms continue to worsen or do not go away after your body has had a chance to fight your cold, make sure you schedule an appointment at Healthstar Physicians Family Medicine in Newport. Our team of osteopathic providers is here to help!

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