Why is car seat safety so important? Installing your child’s car seat correctly and using it properly will help protect your child from death or major injury during a car accident. Data shows children are at risk in automobile accidents.

  • Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death in children ages 1-12.
  • More than 2,600 children age 13 or younger are involved in a car crash each day. That’s one child every 33 seconds.
  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says about 60% of car seats are installed incorrectly.
  • Of the forward facing car seats, 64% are not installed using the top tether.


Young children start with rear facing car seats. In many states, children are required to be rear facing until the age of two. Tennessee requires this until age one. Many professionals will recommend children remain rear facing even beyond their second birthday.

  • Infant rear facing car seats can be latched into a base and removed from the car. Children often grow out of this car seat by their first birthday.
  • A convertible car seat can be rear facing and then transitioned to a forward facing position. The multiple uses of this car seat allows a longer life of use.
  • A combination seat is only used in a forward facing position but can also be used as a booster seat.
  • There are multiple options for booster seats: high back and backless.
  • An all-in-one car seat has an even longer life as it can be used similarly to a convertible car seat and a combination seat. It can be used rear or forward facing and then also as a booster seat. This is often a very economical choice because of the length of use.

When selecting a car seat, you need to purchase one that will properly fit in your vehicle. When fitting the seat for your child, you need to consider age, height, and weight.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides some great tips to help parents properly install their children’s car seats. You can select the type of car seat that you are installing and then follow the step-by-step instructions. Many car seat manufacturers like Britax provide multiple sources for aid in installation:

Once you feel you have followed the directions, an inspection is always a smart next step. Certified inspectors can ensure that you have your seat installed correctly. HealthStar Physicians Premier Medical is hosting a free Car Seat Safety event on September 18, 2021 to help families safely secure their children while in their family vehicle.

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